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Fatu Huku Campaign

May 2, 2016

A 6 day field campaign around the South Pacific island of Fatu Huku was undertaken by French scientist Antoine Collin to collect in-situ data to test and validate the capabilities of the Sentinel-2 satellite to monitor coral reef bleaching.

Fatu Huku Island in French Polynesia was chosen as the survey site because of the presence of developed coral reefs and it is an area water temperatures are high as a result of the current El Niño event. During the survey, water temperature exceeding 30°C were recorded and coral bleaching, the expulsion of the symbiotic algae that provide energy from sunlight to the coral, was observed to be taking place.

Authors: Steve Emsley from input provided by Antoine Collins.


  • underwater wide-angle video: 254 minutes (24 FPS with 1080 resolution)
  • water depth data: 89 837 soundings (200 kHz)
  • bottom texture data: 89 837 soundings (455 kHz)
  • video: 208 minutes
  • water depth: 74 727 soundings
  • textural features: 74 727 soundings